Corporate Associates & Client List

Abercrombie & Kent
AFL Limited
Air India
API Marketing Services
Aptech Limited
Arthur Andersen
Asea Brown
Atlas Taylor & Francis Books (Great Britain)
Bank of America
Bechtel India Limited
Bell Helicopter Textron
Berita Pacific (Indonesia)
Bharat Hotels (Hotel intercontinental, New Delhi)
Bluenergy Solarwind
Brown-Forman Worldwide
Burn the Floor
Burson-Marsteller Roger Pereira Communications
Caltex Petroleum Corporation
Casino Group of Hotels
Cinemavision India
The Chubb Corporation
Confederation of India Industry
Connaissance de Ceylon
Dabhol Power Company
Delta Airlines
Deutche, Morgan & Grenfell
Dupont India Pvt. Ltd
The East India Hotels, Ltd
Eastman Kodak Professional Division.
Edelman Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
EIH Limited
Embassy of India, Washington, D.C.
Enron Development Corporation
Export-Import Bank of India
Fuji Film I & I
Garuda Airlines (Indonesia)
Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs
Government of India, Ministry of Tourism
General Electric Company
GE India
Geographic Expeditions
Harig Crankshafts, Ltd.
Harig India, Ltd.
Hewlett Packard (India)
Hindustan Lver Limited
Hyatt Regency Delhi
iB&W Communications (P) Ltd.
ICF Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
IKOS (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Indian Airlines Limited
India International Centre

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
Indo-US Business Council
Infosys Technologies Limited
Knapp Communications Corporation
Kotak Mahindra (India)
Le Meridien Hotel (New Delhi)
Lubrizol Corporation
Lucent Technologies
Lupin Laboratories Limited
McCann Erickson (India) Limited
Merpati Airlines (Indonesia)
MindTree Consulting (India)
Mico (Bosch Group)
Mobil Oil Corporation
Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc.
Morgan Stanley (India) Ltd.
Peerless General Finance
Pfizer Limited
Piramal Enterprises Limited
Population Communication International (PCI)
Proctor & Gamble
Punj Lloyd
PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia
Rajinder Narain & Company
Roger Pereira Communications Pvt., Ltd.
Royal Jordanian Airways
R&P Mangement Communications Pvt., Ltd.
Sasken Communication Technologies, Ltd.
Singapore AirlinesSRA/McGraw Hill
State Bank of India
TATA Iron & Steel (India)
Teneja Aerospace & Aviation
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.
Times Books International
Travel Corporation (India) Ltd.
Unicef Greeting Cards Operations
Upchurch Corporation
United Nations
United States Information Service
US-India Business Council
US Library of CongressUitgeverijaverbode (Belgium)
Velankani Information Systems, Pvt., Ltd.
Vickery International
Weldon International
Woodfin Camp & Associates
Woodward Governor India (Pt) Ltd.
World Bank
Steve Wyrick Productions
Zensar Technologies, Ltd. (Mumbai, India & USA)


Non-Profit Organizations

Al-Hussein Society (Amman, Jordan)
Asia Society
Cry (India)
East-West Center
Hope 2000 (Lindsay Hebberd is the Director-USA)
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (India)
S.O.S. Children’s Villages (India & Jordan)
Very Special Arts (India)
World Bank Expo
Yayasan Nusantara Jaya (Indonesia)
Y.M.W.A. Bunayat Centre (Amman, Jordan)

Museums / Exhibition Galleries & Venues

ASU, Nelson Fine Arts Center (Tempe, Arizona)
Cannon House Rotunda (Washington, DC)
East-West Center (Honolulu, HI)
First City Texas (Houston, TX)
Franklin & Marshall Museum (Lancaster, PA)
India House (NYC, New York)
India International Centre Annexe (New Delhi, India)
Lalit Kala Akademi (New Delhi, India)
Maui Arts & Cultural Center (Maui, HI)
National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi, India)
Oberoi Towers (Mumbai, India)
Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena, CA)
State of Illinois Center (Chicago, IL)
Trammel Crow Center (Dallas, TX)
United Nations (New York, NY)


Hebberd’s custom photographic prints are in private collections in:

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
United States


Publications & Clients that publish Lindsay Hebberd's photographs -- Updated 4 / 2009

A&E Interactive
ABC-CLIO (books)
ABC News
ABC 20/20
Abercrombie & Kent (Brochure)
Abdo Publishing
Absolute Publishing
ABZ Verlag (Germany)
Achilli Ghizzard Associates (Italy)
Actualités des Religions (France)
Addison Wesley Longman
AGS, Inc.
AJM International Publishers (Great Britain)
Aldrich Pears Asscociates, Ltd. (Canada)
Allyn & Bacon College
Amaldo Mondadori Editore (Italy)
Amber Books (Great Britain)
Ambrosetti Spa (Italy)
America Online
American Bible Association
American Spectator Magazine
Andromeda Publishing
Anness Publishing, Ltd. (Great Britain)
Anova Books Company (Great Britain)
APA Publications Gnbh (Germany)
Arando Testa S.L. (Axel Springer AG (Germany)
Arcturus Publishing (Great Britain)
Arizona Republic
Arnoldo Mondadore Editore (Italy)
Arthur Frommer’s Travel
Art Institute of Chicago
Arts & Entertainment Network
Aslam, Nadir
Asset International Publishing
Asia Press Publishing (Hong Kong)
Asian Chemical News
Association For Supervision & Curriculum
Atena Publishers
Atlas Taylor & Francis Books (Great Britain)
Australian Picture Library (Australia & USA)
Averbode Uitgeverij Nv (Blegium)
AVS Werbe & Veranstaltungsagentur (Germany)
Axxa International (Great Britain)
Barclays bank PLC (Great Britain)
Barrett Kendall Publishing, Ltd.
Bauer Publishing Company Communication & Marketing (Germany)
Bayard Editions (France)
BBC History Magazine (Great Britain)
BBC on Air (Great Britain)
BBC Stills Library (Great Britain)
BCS (Great Britain)
Bedford/St. Martins Press
Bell Design
Beijing Beat Media Corp (China)
Benchmark Education Company
Bender Richardson White
Benelux Press
Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd (Hong Kong)
Berita Publishing (Malaysia)
Best Magazine (Great Britain)
Bibliographis ches Institute und FA Brockh (Germany)
Bizarre Magazine
Blu inc Media Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Book Builders Inc.
Bordas (France)
Bordas VUEF (France)
Boston Globe
Bound Creative (Australia)
The British Library (Great Britain)
Bridgewater Books (Great Britain)
Bristol Magazines (Great Britain)
Brokerhof Impuls BV (Netherlands)
Brown Partworks
Brown Publishing Network
Brown Reference Group (Great Britain)
Burda Yukom Publishing Gmbh (Germany)
Burnham Real Estate
Business Week
California Centers
Cambium Learning
Cambridge University Press (Estonia)
Canco Marketing (Calendar)
Capital Research & Management (Annual Report)
Capstone Press / Compass Point
Carnegie Hall
Carlton Books
CEC Editions (Canada)
Cedar Communications
Celeb Life
The Celtic Press (Great Britain)
Cengage Learning (Great Britain)
Champions du CP (France)
Chelsea House Publishers
Chernow, Barbara
The Child’s World
Chinese Heritage (Canada)
Chinese National Geography Magazine (Hong Kong)
Christianity Today
Citigate Publishing (Great Britain)
Classic Communications Company (Hong Kong)
Claudia Polska (Poland)
Club Dial (France)
Cobalt id (Great Britain)
Colin Gower Enterprises (Great Britain)
Collier Newfield, Inc.
Collins Educational
Communication Management, Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Compass Books
Compendium Publishing (Great Britain)
Computec Media
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Conde Naste Publications
Conde Nast (Malaysia)
Conde Nast Traveller (Great Britain)
Contrasto (Great Britain)
Copyright (France)
Corbis (Japan)
Cordon Press
Corneleson Verlag GmbH & Co. (Germany)
Cortex Communicaions
Cote d’Azur
Country Life Magazine
Courier International (France)
Cowboys and Indians Magazine
Cover (Great Britain)
The Cover Story
Crabtree Publishing (Canada)
CRC Press
Creative Company
Creative Spark
Creative Street
Crisis Magazine
Cristian Brandstatter Verlag (Germany)
Cross Section Publications (India)
Crysalis Books
Cultural Geography of China (Hong Kong)
Custom Marketing Group
Daily Express
Daily Mail (Great Britain)
Daily Telegraph (Great Britain)
Davidsfon Ds Uitgeverij (Belgium)
Day in the Life Publishers
Diaries (Hong Kong)
De Agostini Scuola (italy)
De Agostini Polkska. Sp. (Poland)
De Agostini UK Ltd (Great Britain)
De Boeck et Larcier (Belgium)
De Boeck Uitgeverij (Belgium)
Delius Producing (Germany)
Denise Knudsvig
Depesche Vetrieb Gmbh (Germany)
Der Club Bertelsmann (Germany)
Der Uberlick (Germany)
Design 5 Creative
Deutsche Behinderten Hilfe Aktion Mensch (Germany)
De Volkskrant (Germany)
Digital Stock, S.A.C.
Discovery Books (Great Britain)
Discovery Communications
Discovery Magazine
ditter.projekt agentur (Germany)
Diversion Magazine
DMCD, Inc.
Domowina Bund Lausiter (Germany)
Dorling Kindersley (Great Britain & USA)
DuMont Reiseverlag Gmbh & Co. (Germany)
Duncan Baird (Great Britain)
The Dushkin Publishing Group
Dutton, Erika Brandvik Education.IT (Italy)
E Magazine
Eaglemoss (Great Britain)
Earthwatch Institute
Earthwatch Magazine
Eastword Publications
East Publishing (Great Britain)
Ebony Magazine
The Economist (Great Britain)
Edenco Publishing
Edipresse Publications (France)
Eddison Sadd Editions
Edito-Service (France)
Editions ALPHEE (France)
Editions Assouline (France)
Editions Atlas (France)
Editions Aubanel (France)
Editions Belin (France)
Editions Darnetalaises (France)
Editions De La Martiniere Jeunesse (France)
Editions de la Rose(France)
Editions du Renouveau Pedagogue (France)
Editions De Vecci (France)
Editions Fides, Inc (Canada)
Editions Glenat (France)
Editions Didier Millet (Singapore)
Editions du cerfe (France)
Editions du Cherche Midi (France)
Editions du Panama (France)
Editions First (France)
Editions Fizzi (France)
Editions Grand Duc (Canada)
Editions Hatier (France)
Editiions Hazan (France)
Editions HRW (Canada)
Editions Libris (France)
Editions Magnard (France)
Editions Milan (France)
Editions Playbac (France)
Editions Plon (France)
Editions de Seuil (France)
Edito-Sevice SA (France)
Editions Solar (France)
Editory Per La Finanza (Italy)
Editions Solar (France)
Edizione Conde Nast (Italy)
Edizione Madre (Italy)
The Educational Company of Ireland (Great Britain)
Education.IT SPA (italy)
Educational Testing Services
Eedermans Publishing
Egmont Polska (Poland)
Elephant Press (Hong Kong)
Elle France (France)
ELLE Magazine
Elsevier (Great Britain)
Elysium Productions
EMC Paradigm Publishing (Germany)
Emphasis Custom Media (Hong Kong)
Encyclopaedia Universalis
Encyclopedia Brittanica I
Encyclopedia Brittanica II
EMAP Singapore PTE Ltd. (Singapore)
EMC Paradigm Publishing
Emphasis Custom Media (Hong Kong)
Era World Publishing (Hong Kong)
ESPN The Magazine
Ernst Klett Verlagsgruppe (Germany)
Essen & Trinken (Germany)
Essential Works (Great Britain)
EWuro Rscg C&O (France)
Everyday Learning Corporation
Fairchild Publications
Fairfax-Sun Herald (Australia)
Fairfax-Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong)
FAZ Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung GmbH (Denmark)
The First Post (Great Britain)
Financial Times (Great Britain)
FHM-EMAP (China)
Flair (Netherlands)
Flame Tee Publishing (Great Britain)
Fleurus Presse SARL (France)
Focus Polska (Poland)
Focus Stock Fotografico
Fodor’s Travel Publications
Folens Publishers (Great Britain)
The Folio Society (Great Britain)
Forbes Polska (Poland)
Fortune Magazine
Forum Polska Editions (Poland)
Forward Publishing
Forum Polska (Poland)
Fotoredaktion Stern (Denmark)
Fox News Online
Franklin Watts/Childrens Press
Freizeit Review (Germany)
French Government Tourist Office (France)
Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GbmH (Germany)
Franklin Watts/Childrens Press
Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
Freeman & Company
Fur Sie Bildredaktion (Germany)
Gala (Germany)
Gala Internet (Great Britain)
The Gale Group
Galimard Loisirs (France)
Galimard Jeunesse (France)
Gareth Stevens Publishing
Gemological Institute
Giunte Editore (Italy)
Geo Ados
Geo (Denmark)
Geo International (Germany)
GEO Magazine (France)
GEO Magazine (Germany)
Geographic Expeditions, Inc.
Geographical Magazine (Great Britain)
Geopolitique (France)
Geo Prisma Presse (France)
Georgian Bay
Gill & MacMillan (Great Britain)
Gill Peacock Design (Hong Kong)
Giunti Editore Spa (Italy)
Global Heritage Group
Glencoe/McGraw Hill
Global People Magazine (Canada)
Government of India Tourist Office
Gramercy Book Services
Grand Circle Travel, LLC
Graph East Computers LLC
Grazia Neri Agency (Great Britain)
Great Source Education Group
Great Stock! Photo Library
Greenness Magazine (Canada)
Greenwood Publishing
Greystone Communications
Grolier Inc.
Grolier Interactive (CD-ROM)
Group East Computers
Group Red Dot
Groupe Fleurus (France)
Groupe Modulo (Canada)
Gruppo Editoriale L'Expresso (italy)
Gruner und JahrMondadori (Italy)
Guardian (Great Britain)
Guest Informant
Guiness World Records (Great Britain)
Gulmohar Press Private LTD (Malaysia)
Hachette (France)
Hachette Children’s Books (Great Britain)
Hamburger Abendblatt (Denmark)
Hamlyn Books (Great Britain)
Hampton Brown Company
Hanson, Bridget
Harcourt Brace School Division
Harcourt College Publishers/ Thompson Lear
Harcourt Education (Great Britain)
Harcourt Religion Publishers
Harcourt School Publishers
Hardlines Ltd. (Great Britain)
Harenberg Verlag (Germany)
Harper Collins Books
Harper Collins College Publishing
Hart McLeod
Harvard University Press
Harenberg Verlag (Germany)
H Baur Pubishing (Great Britain)
Heinemann Library
Heinemann Raintree
Heinle & Heinle
Heinrich Bauer Ostmarketing (Germany)
het financieele dagblad (Netherlands)
Highsmith, Inc.
History Channel
History Today (Great Britain)
H.J. Maschek-Schneider
HLUK, LTD.(Great Britain)
Hodder Headline Group
Hodder & Stoughton Educational
Hodder Wayland (Great Britain)
Hoffman und Campe Verlag (Germany)
Holiday Advertising Services
Hollinger Telegraph New Media
Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Horzu (Germany)
Houghton Mifflin Company
Hugh Lauter Levin Associates
Icelandic Photo Agency
Idea (Germany)
Ideas Stock, C.A.
Ignatius Press/Guadalupe Association
Ignite! Learning
Illustrated London News (Great Britain)
Il sol 24 ore (italy)
Imageclick Corporation
Ink (Great Britain)
Ink Publishing (Singapore)
Insight DesignIpak IMG D.O.O. Longman Publishers
Intelecom Intelligent Telecommunications
Internal Collateral (Great Britain)
International Monetary Fund
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (Brochure)
In Touch magazine
IQ Magazine
Irene Frank
Islam World of Travel
ITP Nelson Company (Canada)
Ivy Press
James R. Rothaus & Associates
JL Shapiro Associates, Inc.
John Brown Publishing
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Journal International Verlag (Denmark)
Joue, Julie (France)
Jupiter Entertainment
K-12 Inc.
Key Curriculum Press
Khanna, Gavin (Great Britain)
Kids Discover
Kingfisher Books (Great Britain)
Kizzie (Great Britain)
Klett Perthes Verlag GmbH (Germany)

Knopf Children’s Books
Kurier PLUS Kurier (AT- country)
Kyle Cathy (Great Britain)
La Documerntacion Francaise (France)
La Quinzaine Litteraire (France)
Langenschei dt Elt GmbH (Germany)
Larousse VUEF (France)
Las Vegas Around The Clock
Las Vegas Israelite
Las Vegas Life
Latin Stock Equador
Latin Stock Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Laurence Bergreen
Laurence King Publishing (Great Britain)
L’Ecologiste (France)
L’Express (France)
Le cherche midi (France)
Le Figaro (France)
Le Grand Livre du Mois (France)
Le Point (France)
Learning A-Z
Learning Company
The Learning Source
LCP (Great Britain)
Lehitkuva Oy
Le Point (France)
Lerner Publications Library
Les Belles Lettres (France)
Les Magazines TVA Inc. (Canada)
Life Magazine
Lifeway Christian Resources
LiMa-liborius (Denmark)
Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts
The Linguist (Great Britain)
Living Buddhism (Magazine & CD-ROM)
Leo Burnett Advertising-Asia
Le Figaro Magazine (France)
L’historie (France)
Living Media India (Melasia)
Loaded Magazine (Great Britain)
Lonely Planet Publications (Australia)
Longman Publishers
Loyola Press
Lucent Books/Greenhaven Press
Luxury Las Vegas Magazine
IM & Company
Macmillan (NY)
Macmillan Education (Great Britain)
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Publishing
Magazin Hamlyn (Great Britain)
Magma Photo Agency
Magma Photo News
Mail On Sunday (Great Britain)
Mara Peluso
Marie Claire Magazine
Marine Corps Community Services (Japan)
Marshall Cavendish International (Singapore)
Marshall Cavendish School
Mayfield Publishing Company
Maximillan Publishers (China) Ltd.
Maze Productions
McDougal-Littell/Houghton Mifflin
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Media Transasia (India)
Media Transasia (Malaysia)
Mediamark Publishing
Men’s Journal
Mentor Media (CD ROM)
Meredith Publications
Microsoft Corporation
Milan Presse (France)
Miles Kelly Publishing (Great Britain)
mimo-boxx textwerkstatt (Germany)
MI Publishig (Hong Kong)
Mitchell Beazley (UK)
Modern Media Company (Hong Kong)
Mondadore I Electa (Italy)
Mondes des Religiones (France)
Moody, Mark (Great Britain)
Money Week (Great Britain)
Monkey Puzzle Media (Great Britain)
Morgan Cain & Associates
MRM Associates
Musee de la Parfumerie (France)
Musee des arts (France)
Museo Tridentin o Scienze Naturali (Italy)
Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse (France)
Nathan (SEJER) (France)
Nathan (VUEF) (France)
National Geographic Books Division
National Geographic Deutschland (Germany)
National Geographic Educational Media (CD ROM)
National Geographic Interactive Division
National Geographic Society / International
National Geographic Traveler Magazine
National Journal Inc.
Natural History Magazine
NBC Late Night w/ Conan O’Brien
NCS Pearson
NCSU Humanities Extension Publishers
Nelson Thompson Learning (Canada)
Nelson Thornes (Great Britain)
NEMO (Netherlands)
Net & Books Compant Taiwan (Hong Kong)
Net Calendar LLC
Newbridge Educational Publishing
New England Typographic Services
New Media Concept Ksiazki (Poland)
New Standpoints (France)
New York Sun
New York Times
New York Times Magazine
Newsdesk Communications (Great Britain)
Newsquest Financial (Great Britain)
North Star Media Inc. Beijing (Hong Kong)
Nouvel Observer (France)
NTC Contemporary Publishing Group
The Observer
Octopus Publishing Group
OK Magazine (Great Britain)
Oklahoma Heritage Association
Old House Interiors/ Gloucester Publisher
Oldenbourg Schulbuch Verlag GmbH (Germany)
OTTN books
Outlook Publishing (Malaysia)
Outside Magazine
Overseas Adventure Travel
OVP SRL (Italy)
Oxford University Press China Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Oxford University Press (UK)
Oxford University Press (USA)
P.M. Fregen & Antworten (Germany)
P.M. Perspective (Germany)
Pacific Press Service (Tokyo)
Pani Domu Polska (Poland)
Papereclip Communications Pte Ltd (Hong Kong)
Papi (France)
Paradigm Publishers
Parents Magazine
Paris Match (France)
Pearson Business Services (books)
Pearson Custom Publications
Pearson Education NY
Pearson Education North Asia Ltd.
Pearson Education Souith Asia (Singapore)
People Magazine
Perfection Learning
Peron (Poland)
Phaidon Press (Great Britain)
Phoenix Learning Resources
Photoland SRL
Photomedia Magazine
Photo/Permissions Research
Photosearch Inc.
Picthall & Gunzi (Great Britain)
Picture Contact BV (Netherlands)
Picture Press Bild und Texagentur (Germany)
Pine Forge Press
Piscopo Editore (Italy)
P.M. Perspektive (Germany)
Pocket (Univers Poche) (France)
Podroze (Poland)
Polityka Spoldzieneina Pracy (Poland)
Popular Photography
Portage & Main Press (Canada)
Pour La Science (France)
PRC Publishing
Prentice-Hall College Division
Prentice-Hall/ Pearson Education
Presse Publications
Presses Universitarias de France (France)
Prisma TV (France)
Procom Communicatios (Italy)
Profile Photo Library
Profile Photo Library (Germany)
Progroup Inc.
Profimedia. CZ (Great Britian & USA)
Psychology Press Ltd. (Great Britain)
PT Ichtiar Baru Van Hoeve (Hong Kong)
PT Fortune Adwicipta
Publicat S.A. (Poland)

Publications International Ltd.
Publicis Relationship (Germany)
Publicitas Mediascope (Malayasia)
Publicom Inc.
QED Publishing (Great Britain)
Quadra Productions
Quarasan Group (IL)
Quarto Publishing (Great Britain)
Quest/G+J Uitgevers CV (Netherlands)
Quintessence (Great Britain)
Rampazzo et Associes (France)
Random House
Reader’s Digest
Red Dot
Rekant, Stuart
Recorded Books Inc.
Red Dot
Rigby Education
Ringier AG
Riskwaters Group
Risque Las Vegas
River Media Interactive
River Publishing (Great Britain)
Rizzoli International Publications
Rodriguez, Martin

Roli Books (Malaysia)
Rosen Publishing Group
Rough Guides (Great Britain)
Royal Ontario Museum (Canada)
RPG- Russian Picture Group (Great Britain)
Ruff, Kristen
Runner Jahr Advertising (Beijing)
Rutledge Taylor & Francis
Saint Mary’s Press
Salamander Books Ltd.
Saga Holidays
ge Publications
Santillana USA Publishing
SAS Institute
Scanpix Baltics
Scanpix Norway
Scanpix Sweden (Great Britain)
Scholastin Inc.
Scholastic News Magazines, Inc.
Science et vie (France)
Science & Media LLP (Great Britain)
Sciences Humaines (France)
Scientific Amrican Magazine
Scientist Magazine (Great Britain)
Scottsdale Tribune
The Scottsman
Scott, Foresman & Company
Sciences Humanities
Second Line Search Advertising
Selection du Reader’s Digest (France)
Serena Yang Productions
Seven Publishing (Great Britain)
SGI Publications
Shakti for Children
Shanghai Gruner und Jahar Mgt. Consultant (Canada)
Shoemaker & Hoard Publishers
Shoreline Publishing Group
Signature Design
Silver Burdett & Ginn
Silver Editions
Simon & Schuster
Sinauer Associates
Singapore Press Holdings (Singapore)
Slack Inc.
Societe Akenaton (France)
Soddeutsche Zeitung GmbH (Germany)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Southwestern Publishing/ Great American
Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesell (Germany)
SPH Magazines (Hong Kong)
Spirituality & Health Magazine
Sport Media & Strategy (Great Britain)
Square One (Great Britain)
SRA/McGraw Hill
Steve Edge Design (Great Britain)
The Independent (Great Britain)
Starpub Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Sterling Publishing Co.
St. Martins Press
Steck Vaughan Company
Stock Photos
Stonecastle Graphics (Great Britain)
Storlann Niseanta na Gaidhlig (Great Britain)
Story Worldwide, Ltd. (Great Britain)
Studio Cactus
Studio Imago (Netherlands)
Stuff Magazine
South China Morning Post
SuddeutcheZeitung GmbH (Germany)
Sundance Publishing
Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Times (London Times)
Suomen Kuvapalavelu Oy (Great Britain)
Sussex Publishers
Sutton Publishing
Swanson, Candice
Tall Tree Books (Great Britain)
Taylor & Francis Books
Taj Books (Great Britain)
Taj Magazine
Taylor & Francis Books (Great Britain)
Teachers Curriculum Institute
Teachers Discovery
Teaching Company
Tehabi Books
Tele Observateur (France)
Thalamus Publishing
Thomas Nieman
Thompson Financial (Great Britain)
The Times (Great Britain)
Time for Kids Magazine
Time Inc. Custom Publishing
Time Inc. Home Entertainment
Time Inc. Strategic Communications
Time Life Inc. Books
Time Magazine
Time Warner Books (Great Britain)
Timee (France)
Times Supplements (Great Britain)
Tishman Speyer
Top Famile Magazine (France)
Topic Photo Agency
Top Travel Magazine (Canada)
Total Telecom (Great Britain)
Toucan Books (Great Britain)
Tranz International Image Library, Ltd.
Travel & Leisure Magazine
Travel Brochures
Travel Holiday
Treccani –Instituto della Encyclopedia (Italy)
Trends Esquire (CN)
The Tribune
Tricycle, The Buddhist Review
Tucker Slingsby (Great Britain)
TV 14
TV Envie (France)
TV Grandes Chaines (France)
TV horen und sehen (Germany)
12:05 AM Productions
Uitg.mij. De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
Ulysse (France)
Unanimous Publishing
Unipress SRL (Italy)
Universal Learning Technology
University of California
University of Pennsylvania
University of Washington
Usborne Publishing
Utne Reader
Valeurs Actuelles (France)
Van Parys Media (Great Britain)
Visual Israel
Verlag Wolfgang Kunth GmbH & Co. (Germany)
Verlagsgrupp e Random House (Germany)
Vertasgrupp eRandom House(Germany)
Villi Rose
Virtuoso Ltd
Vista Higher Learning
Visual Israel
Viva Polska (Poland)
VMI Communicacao Pela
Voyage Polska (Poland)
VVA Kommunikati (Germany)
VVAA Arts En Auto (Netherlands)
Wadsworth Publishing Co.
Walter de Gruyler GmbH & Co. (Germany)
Wardour Communications (Great Britain)
Warren Ayuyau
Washington Post
Washingtonian Magazine
WEBCORP (Netherlands)
Weekend Magazine (AT)
Weekly Reader Corporation
Weekly World News
Wehling, Cindy
Weigl Educational Publishers (Canada)
Weldon International Publishing (Australia)
Weldon Owen (Australia)
Weller Grossman Production
West Office Exhibition Design
Westermann (Germany)
W.H. Freeman & Co.
Whitestar Publishers (Italy)
White-Thompson Publishing (Great Britain)
WIENER-Lifestyle Zeitschriften (Austria)
Williams & Phoa (Great Britain)
William H. Sadlier, Inc.
Wired Magazine
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft WBG (Germany)
World Book Publishing
World & I Magazine
World Publications
Womans World
Wort & Bild Verlag Bildredaktion (Germany)
Worth Publishers, Inc.
The Wright Group/ McGraw Hill
Wunderman Creative (Germany)
Wydawnictwo O Pascal Spoika (Poland)
Wydawnictwo Szoline (Poland)
WW Norton Publishers
Yoga Journal
Zaner-Bloser Publishing
Zooid Pictures (Great Britain)
Zuckerbrot, Donna (Canada)
Zwiebelfisch (Poland)