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Lindsay Hebberd's Art Workshops are for children and young adults of all races, religions, and environments, encouraging them to learn about a specific country and express what they have learned or like through an interactive art experience. Since 1999 Lindsay has conducted Art Workshops in public, private and special education schools, in art galleries, and with various organizations in several countries, including Jordan, hosted by the Royal Family. Thousands of students have been introduced to her books and touring photographic exhibitions and many have benefited from her extensive travel experiences and insight into various peoples and cultural expressions around-the-world. The Art Gallery features art by a diverse demographic of young people, all of whom were motivated by Lindsay's work.

The Art Workshops have proved especially inspirational for disabled and disadvantaged children. It allows them to express themselves in a fun and creative way and share what they have learned, like or feel about a particular person, subject or place. For a few participants, the Art Workshop experience has revealed special artistic talent and has allowed these artists an opportunity to develop and fine-tune their skills, and even pursue a career through art. For years Lindsay has been working closely with and sponsored talented hearing-impaired brothers from Orissa, India: Sriharsha and Siddhartha Sankar Sukla. In August 2001 Lindsay organized an exhibition at the prestigious India International Centre (IIC) Annexe in New Delhi, India, featuring 21 Sukla interpretive paintings of subjects from her India and Indonesia books. At that time she encouraged the Sukla Brothers to work in the medium of paper collage. Thus began a 10-year artistic collaboration in which Lindsay commissioned and guided the artists to create a series of custom collages of distinctive portraits from numerous cultures she has photographed around the world. The Suklas have won numerous awards and international recognition for their collages and dozens of one-of-a-kind collages now grace the walls of private collectors. In July 2010 CPP produced a solo exhibition (a selection of Photo-Realism Sukla collages from the Lindsay Hebberd/Sukla photo/collage collaboration) for DeafNation World Expo 2011 in Las Vegas. CPP sponsored the Sukla exhibition, including flying Sriharsha from India to Las Vegas, USA to attend DeafNation and gain international exposure. Sriharsha conducted an art workshop for children at the convention; he demonstrated his collage technique and Lindsay provided photos and an interview for production of a broadcast quality documentary film (still unfinished) on the CPP Photo-Realism Sukla Collage Art collaboration; Sriharsha was also featured in a Las Vegas TV interview.

N. Ramakrishnan, another talented physically challenged artist from Mumbai, India--who paints with his foot--has also created fantastic watercolor paintings.

The work of these and other artists is showcased in the Art Galleries. Each artist's nationality, age, school/organization/affiliation, the art medium, and in some cases the artist's own description of his or her personal experience or expression, accompanies their artwork and the photograph that inspired it. (link currently inactive)

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