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Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality is a unique 280-page hardcover, tabletop editorial book illustrated with 553 full-color photographs of the "Entertainment Capital of the World." Lindsay Hebberd, known for her photography of cultures around the world, became a Las Vegas resident in 2003 and committed to the full-time process of capturing the city's essence in this production.

This is not a historical retrospective, but rather an acute portrayal of Las Vegas today and a peek into the valley's future. Major transformations to the downtown area and The Strip as well as development plans for the valley are recorded. Dramatic aerials, taken from a blimp, provide a unique view of the city’s distinctive buildings and skyline.

PURCHASE "Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality"

Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality showcases not only
Las Vegas’ celebrated world of entertainment and leisure, but a wider view of an evolving, thriving metropolis with an extended realm of activities and interests not as widely known to the city’s millions of visitors. Within these pages Lindsay reveals how the area’s culturally diverse residents live, work and play—their community gatherings, festivals, ceremonies and celebrations, and some of the popular excursions they enjoy.

In Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality, Lindsay shares her passion for her newly adopted state in this non-sponsored, independently published photographic tribute to a remarkable American city and its environs.

In this fertile environment of limitless possibilities, Las Vegas is the place to transform dreams into reality.

Las Vegas ~ Imagination to Reality will be an asset to your library, capturing the color, contrast, talent, humor, energy and heart of Las Vegas like no other book in existence. Bold photographic displays, including double-page panoramic spreads and digital photo illustrations, reveal the many reasons why Las Vegas is continuously rated as the "No. 1 Tourism Destination in the World."

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