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This online gallery is a small sample of Lindsay Hebberd's Cultural Portraits of Indonesia photographic exhibition. From 1983-1996, Hebberd traveled the length and breadth of the Indonesian archipelago to capture the beauty and diversity of one of the most colorful and fascinating countries on earth. Cultural Portraits of Indonesia is Hebberd's personal tribute to a people whose spirit, friendly nature, and generous hospitality are as unforgettable as their cultural achievements.

Lindsay Hebberd's knowledge of and love for Indonesia shines through in her brilliant photographic portrayal of this complex and diverse country. Every photograph contained in Cultural Portraits of Indonesia captures the essence--the spirit--of each unique culture and location. Insightful captions provide the viewer with the historical and cultural background information required to better understand and appreciate each subject. Cultural Portraits of Indonesia celebrates the beauty and heritage of Indonesia in a spirit of respect, appreciation, and affection for a diverse people and their traditions, talents, and beliefs.

Cultural Portraits of Indonesia is a visual journey. Fifty museum-quality photographs, including twelve large panoramic prints--five of which are an impressive six feet long--transport the viewer across the archipelago to many distinctive locations, including verdant terraced rice fields and an otherworldly image of one of the most magnificent volcanic vistas in the 'Ring of Fire.' Viewers are introduced to primitive cultures which are in danger of disappearing; rare glimpses of life inside a Javanese kraton, including a sacred dance performed at the royal wedding of Sultan Mankunegara IX; the famed 'Spice Islands' that were the magnet for early adventurers and explorers; remote peoples living in 'restricted' regions of the archipelago--such as Timor and the Asmat; traditional Indonesian arts and crafts whose beauty is an outward expression of the people and their beliefs, and much more. Cultural Portraits of Indonesia is an unforgettable experience.

The Indonesians' irrepressible enthusiasm for life is expressed in a myriad of forms, a profusion of details, and a vibrancy of spirit that knows few parallels. Unfortunately, knowledge of Indonesia is often restricted to news coverage of politics, problems and poverty. Hebberd's photographs illustrate the less well-known side of the archipelago: the natural beauty and cultural heritage that permeates the lives of the people but does not make the headlines.

The Indonesian archipelago stretches along the equator more than 5,000 kilometers, or 3,200 miles, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. The vast territory of this nation, an aggregate of 13,677 islands, encompasses more than 300 ethnic groups and 250 languages and dialects. To move through the archipelago is to move through a kaleidoscope of ever-changing groups of people, each with its own colors, rituals, language, and dress.

Cultural Portraits of Indonesia is much more than a photographic exhibition. Educational outreach is an important component of all Cultural Portraits Productions, Inc. projects. Various interactive programs and events are staged at each venue. During the exhibition in Honolulu and Maui, Hawai'i, hundreds of students statewide received guided tours, and study programs and creative arts projects were developed around the diverse subject matter contained in this exhibition. At each premiere, guests were treated to performances by traditional Indonesian dancers. At each venue, every effort is made to coordinate ancillary events--such as slide lectures, performing arts, storytelling, etc.--to highlight local and touring Indonesian talent.

Exhibition History
February 1998 and January 8-February 6, 1999: Hawaiian Airlines and the East-West Center co-presented CPI at the Schaefer International Gallery, Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Maui, Hawaii, USA

December 1991-March 1992: East-West Center Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

April-May, 1991: First City in Houston, Texas, USA

March 1991: Trammell Crow Center Pavilion, Dallas, Texas, USA

January-February 1991: Franklin & Marshall College, North Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Cultural Portraits of Indonesia Book: Limited Edition, Sold Out

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